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Without the support of CRM system, your customer relationship can also be managed, while with it the management is much better! Customer is our resources. To manage well their relationship is to make them our fortune. If by now you still remain in the LGD ( Lunch, Golf, Dinner) customer management pattern while your rival has been silently moving your cheese by combining traditional means( such as social interaction, emotional devotion and so on) with the advanced customer management system, it is the right time that  you should make some improvement.

General CRM software pursues various functions, making customer's operation complicated and difficult. But the our FreeCRM is a piece of  simple, practical and free software, which means it is free of charge and registration, with no restriction on function and on time limit. The installation file is very small ( about 550 KB), including the function to uninstall (if after installation you don't want to use it any more you can unload it easily). Therefore, even a computer beginner can quickly operate it expertly.

Brief Instruction of FreeCRM:

New Feature In Version2.5: Incoming and outgoing call list was added. You may check and print your call records or call back easily from the call list.

1. FreeCRM is first of all a customer's address list.

2. Incoming phone number showing function: When a customer calls, it will show the caller id of the incoming call and display the related customer's data in the address list (this function needs a Modem that supports  caller id).

3. Dialing function: When you find out the customer's data, instead of dialing on the keypad of your phone, you may directly make call to the customer through the software.

4. Important date reminding function can remind you of your customer's birthday or the approaching of important date like trading day.

5. Recording function of customer's history: You can input the relevant information of every trade or contact in case for further inquiring.

6. Bulk mails sending function: The FreeCRM can make use of the mail account that you have set in the Outlook Express (OE) to send mails in group, but confirm first that you have set the mail account in the OE (means you can send out the mail with OE).

7.Import and outport function of FreeCRM data: By containing of Outlook Express address book, you can output the data of the OE address book to a document of .csv, then import it into FreeCRM, and vice versa.


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